SOAP Notes and Client Forms For Massage Therapy Professionals


Online SOAP Notes and Client Forms offer massage therapy professionals an easy and secure way to properly record client sessions and manage client data.

Formstack and SOAP Vault provide two distinctly different tools to record and manage SOAP Notes and other client forms.

Formstack offers a powerful web based application featuring a drag and drop form builder, and comprehensive and easy use notification, security and web publishing settings that can be used to build any number of massage therapy business forms, including SOAP Notes and Client Intake forms.

All forms can be accessed and managed via the web and mobile devices, including Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows.

Learn how to build a SOAP Notes and Client Intake form with two FREE downloadable eBooks.

SOAP Vault, in comparison to Formstack, is a web based application that offers an interactive anatomical based charting interface that then creates a standard, professional SOAP Note. Within SOAP Vault, you can reference all your clients notes along with initial intake information.

Both SOAP Vault and Formstack offer HIPAA compliant security features including 256 bit SSL encryption over the internet, encrypted data storage, password protection, and CAPTCHA.

Use the comparison chart above to help you determine which of these leading online Form and File Management providers is right for your business.


  • Monthly Fee
  • Free Trial Period
  • Single/Multiple Practioners
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Encrypted Data

Product Videos


Preview the Formstack Form Builder.

SOAP Vault

Chart SOAP Notes with anatomical diagrams.

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