Selecting Massage Therapy Website Keywords

Selecting effective keywords for your website is a crucial component of your massage therapy marketing strategy.

Specific questions need to be asked in order to make informed decisions about keywords and the rankings you expect to achieve.

Get great insights into keyword selection in this article from Search Engine Journal.

Are You Selecting Your Keywords for the Right Reasons?

from Search Engine Journal by Ben Hook

Keyword research has, and always will be a major part of SEO. It’s a vital part of any effective SEO campaign and ensures that all the time and money you invest is going in the right direction.

Far too often people underestimate the importance of spending enough time researching potential target keywords, and instead rush to get started on the optimisation – after all, the sooner you get to work optimising the sooner traffic is going to come right? Not necessarily…

The main aim of keyword research is to find out which keywords are going to be the most profitable for your SEO campaign based on the amount of time you have to invest. Considering this, there’s a few different key metrics you want to be looking at that often get overlooked.

Traffic Volumes

This is the obvious one. Keyword research is often performed to find out which keywords people are looking for, and which ones they aren’t. The amount of searches on a phrase is a good indicator of popularity, and can help you remove any keywords that probably won’t drive any traffic to your site.

It’s important to try and get figures from a few different keyword tools, as this can help to give a more varied view on traffic figures to help give you a better understanding of what you are more likely to receive.

Read more at Are You Selecting Your Keywords for the Right Reasons?

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